Internet Homebase Business : -MIRROR-EINSTORM

lOOk in the Mirror

For Your Internet Homebase Business ...

what can You SEE ?


Equal-Triangles ?

Oblong-Retangles ?

squares and angles ?

OR , Also ;

CYBERNET :of-Aim-Purpose for...

home business opportunity.

Can Your Internet Homebase Business

Mirror 9+9+10 aspects...

of Lullys' cybernetic-diamond ?

for mental , emotional , physical...

and monetary profit ?

'Art-of-Memory' &

'Ultimate General Art'...

begins with 9 principles :

Goodness , Greatness , Duration ,

Power , Wisdom , Will/willingness

Virtue , Truth , Glory

then 9 terms :

Difference, Concordance , Contariety

Beginning , Middle , End

Majority , Equality , Minority

then 10 questions :

Ace=possibility : whether or not x is ?

#2=definition :what is x ?

#3=materiality :what is x made of ?

#4=formality :why is x ?

#5=quantity :how much is x ?

#6=quality :of what is x ?

#7=time :when is x ?

#8=space :where is x ?

#9=means :the how of x ,

And #10=instrumentality :with what x ?

These 10 questions cover all possible questions

for any subject.

[*note : like 10 directions

cover all directions of space]

[* see 'Open-Secrets' above

in nav-bar ;

click & scroll down

to 2nd Ace of diamonds ]

He states :

'One must commit to memory

these terms

to learn this art.'

The Easy way to remember

all terms Is :

with playing cards.

[*right-brain-pictures ;


Playing cards

relate to astronomy...

[*see Area-52

above in Nav-bar..

click & scroll-down]


relate to natural-order..

And Of Course ,

natural-order is Good.

1st 9 court cards

illustrate 1st 9 principles

with 9 terms ;

other cards, in each suit ,

from Aces-10s

stands for a 10 directory-of-questions...

to monetization...

[*with mental , emotion , physical

and monetary-gain]

a win-win that benefits both :

potential client/customer

and Internet

Homebase Business Owner.

Note : Top-face of a card

is reflected by bottom face of a card.

9 principles and 9 terms

for Raymond Lullys'

'Art Of Memory'

can be remembered....THUS :

[King is Content]__ [Queen is Traffic ]__ [Jack-Knight is Presell=

Goodness [ Greatness ]; Duration
___reflect : Difference ; Concordance ; Contariety

for Internet Homebase Business.

[King is Content] ;__ [ Queen is Traffic] ;__ [Jack-Knight is Presell=

Power ;
Wisdom ; Will-willingness


_-: Beginning ; Middle ; End-purpose

in Internet Homebase Business.

[King is Content] _ [Queen is Traffic] ;__ Jack-Knight is Presell=

Virtue____ ; Truth ;____ Glory

reflect :Majority ; Equality ; Minority

of Internet Homebase Business

In science-of-logic there is :


Then Minor-Premise...


3 together are called "syllogism."

Example :

a. Human-beings have ability to think [major-premise].

b. Plato is a human-being [minor-premise].

c. Thereforth ; Plato [ should ] have ability to think [Conclusion].

this is simple syllogism.

Now , notice how above cards

are arranged :

top-row : Major-Premise.

middle-row : Minor-Premise.

bottom-row : Conclusion.

Now here's 2 examples :

example 1. :

a.) Concordance-Greatness equals Wisdom [Major-Premise]


Wisdom equals Truth [Minor-Premise]


Thereforth ;
Concordance-Greatness equals Truth [Conclusion]

[*hmmm-mm , So , Greatness is

being in Concordance...

with Truth..[i.e.Reality]

this is just example

of how we

get different view of something.

example 2. :

a.) Goodness-Difference equals Power [Major-premise]


Power equals Virtue [Minor-premise]


Thereforth ;
Virtue equals Goodness-Difference [Conclusion]

[*hmmm-mm..So , Virtue is

Goodness..that makes You Different.

[i.e. Individuality]

And Now , for some different perspective ;

new angle-of-lOOking at things :

Are you ready to Concentrate , Brainstorm , Analyze ?

For Internet Homebase Business ?....

Now ,

from a deck of playing cards

take-out the 9 court-cards...

as shown above.

Arrange them in the order

as shown above.


pick them up & shuffle them...


as you shuffle :


One of the 3 following words :

Content , Traffic , OR Presell...

when finished shuffling...

lay 9 court-cards out

as shuffled

in 3 rows

as above...

What do You SEE ?

NOW , Brainstorm....

What card is in the place of Goodness...

What card is in the place of Greatness...

What card is in the place of Duration...

And how do they relate to your word..

in Internet Homebase Business ?

What card is in the place of Power...

What card is in the place of Wisdom...

What card is in the place of Will-willingness...

And how do they relate to your word...

in Internet Homebase Business ?

What card is in the place of Virtue...

What card is in the place of Truth...

What card is in the place of Glory...

And how do they relate to your word...

in Internet Homebase Business ?



when you draw a diagonal line

from king of diamonds to

jack of spades...

And then draw another diagonal line

from jack of diamonds to

king of spades...

The two lines criss-cross

to make an X

and intersect AT :

The Place Of Wisdom :

the Queen of hearts

[*note : philosophy means

not Only "love of wisdom"..

but MORE Importantly :

"wisdom of love"]


And , This X stands for Greek letter "Chi"

Greek letter "Chi" is written like this :

" X"

a guy called "Plato"...

in a book called "Timaeus"

called this Greek-letter
" X-Chi " :

Symbol for " World-Soul "

And in our :

'Blessed Raymond Lully'..

arrangment of the cards...

we can See the X-chi


the Place Of Wisdom :

The Queen Of Hearts :

"wisdom of love"

'Do What You Love'

[*i.e. Plato's X-Chi-Factor_


So , X-Chi-Factor applys to :


of Internet Homebase Business.

This same X-chi factor

is same greek X-chi letter

in the word :


And You hit merry

critical-mass of :


in Your Own

internet homebase enterprise...

for global-e-commerce in

" World-Soul"

You have lightning-epiphanies...

for value-creation-X-change in ...

Your Own CYBERNET of e-commerce ...

built over-time

throughout..."Space-Station- Earth "


programs 1 & 2 below :


Homebase Business

is where it's at.

[*quick- note about cards : playing-cards

are not for 'fortune-telling' ;

those who can tell fortunes :

Don't Need playing-cards...

those who need playing-cards

Only Guess at 'telling-fortunes'.

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[*nonagon means #9 ;

#9 means novum or new and Also ;

#9 means : method

as we saw above ; THUS :

New-Methods ;

'New-Methods' for :


in Internet

Homebase Business

and the "Lully Cybernet-Diamond "

of 3 x3 x3= 27 points of synergy


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